Study Material ( Pdf Notes) of General English for BG 3rd semester Batch 2020: Download Here

Study Material ( Pdf Notes) of General English for BG 3rd semester Batch 2020: Download Here

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In this post Students Update provides you study Material pdf Notes of General English for BG 3rd semester Batch

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Textual Questions of “Mothers Day” by J.B. Priestley

Q1. Husband, sons, daughters should be taking notice of wives and mothers…’ remarks Mrs Fitzgerald. Does Mrs Pearson’s family take ‘notice’ of her?Discuss how she is treated by her husband and children?

Ans. In the play “Mothers Day” the main character or heroine Mrs Anne Perason suffers in her family. She sacrifices her life for the sake of family member but they didn’t even respect her. Her close friend and neighbor Mrs Fitzgerald when knows about the family understanding of her friend at her family. She remarks that Husbands, Sons, daughters should take notice of wives and mothers. Pearson was insulated and ignored by her all family members. She used to run after them all the time, paying attention to their needs and taking their orders as if she was the servant and not the mother. She would live her life at home for enjoyment of all family members. Her husband ‘Doris Person’ would go to the club for his enjoyment. Her only son ‘Cyril Person’ would go to the races to enjoy his Life Her daughter ‘Doris Person’ spends whole life with her lover

Mrs Pearson would be left behind even during night lonely sacrificing her life for people who never thought about her. Her family members should have been talking notice of her as mother or wife. They should not her order her like servants or treating her like dirt. However, as a wife and a mother, she should be given the due respect. She took care of everyone in the family on the sacrifice of her ownlife Her friend and neighbor Mrs Fitzgerald succeeded in teaching a lesson to allow family members. This statement of Mrs Fitzgerald is valid and the whole story revolves around the statement

Q2. Discuss Mrs Fitzgerald role in the change that occurs in the Pearson household?

Ans. The role of Mrs Fiterzgerald is very pivotal in the whole play. She played an important role to change the life of her close friend and neighbor and friend. MrsPearson who has been doing the entire house works in the house. She cooks food, washes clothes and irons them. She does not take care of her husband only but also of her adult children son and daughter. They do not do anything on theirown. Even if her daughter Doris needs clothes to go meet her boyfriend, she wants ironed by Mrs Pearson.

In short Mrs Person doesn’t seem to get respect and attention that she deserves from her children and her husband. One day her friend and close neighbor Mrs Fitzgerald comes to know about her coition in family. Mrs Fitzgerald asks Mrs Pearson to deal with her family firmly. But Mrs Pearson cannot understand how because she was innocent.


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