Study material of english subject for BG 4th semester students

 Study material of english subject for BG 4th semester students

These are some Questions for ug fouth  semester,i hope you like these Questions.

Qno1:- The poem ID card is about
Answer: Identity 

Qno2 :- I am a Arab refers to
• Islamic culture 

Qno3:- Mohd Darwish was a
• Palestinian poet

Qno4:- Darwish was born in
• Al-birwa in galileo

Qno5 :- Pen as a gun
• Between thumb and finger

Qno6 :- seamus Heaney was the poet of
• 20th century

Qno7:- Seamus Heaney was born in
• Castle down 

Qno8 :- We travel to open our
• Our hearts and eyes

Qno9 :- Difference between tourist and traveller is
• One complaints and another grumbles

Qno10 :- Travel is the best way to save from
• Abstraction and ideology

Qno11 :- Travelling is a way to 
• Reverse time

Qno12 :- Pico iyer is a ………………..essayist

Qno13:- The name of Pico iyer’s father was
• Raghavan N Iyer

Qno14:- Pico Iyer maintains that travelling
• Allows us to see how provincial we are
• Saves us from reductionism
• Shakes up our complacencies
Answer :All of the above

Qno15 :- The world that Pico Iyer describes in this essay is
• Technologically advanced
• Highly mobile 
• Multicultural 
Answet: All of the above 

Qno16 :- Who among the following said, travelling is a fool’s paradise
• Ralph Waldo Emerson

Qno17 :- Santayana believed that travel can
 Keep the mind nimble
• Kill prejudice
• Foster humour
Answer• All of the above

Qno18 :- Pico Iyer was born in
• Oxford England

Qno19 :- what teetotaller means in the lesson
• One who never drinks alcohol

Qno20:- you need to work harder, …………………’ll get fired
• Otherwise 

Qno21 :- He is a very weak leader ………………most people support
Qno22 :- Diary is not to keep odd ideas but to
• Bring out things that lie buried

Qno23 :- The reason for any Frank to keep diary is that
• She has no such real friend

Qno24 :- Anne Frank lacks
• Confidence 

Qno25 :- the phrase ‘mind’s eye’ means
• Imagination 
• Feelings 
Answer• All of the above 

Qno26 :- Anny Frank calls her diary a nickname
Qno27 :- The family of Anne Frank migrated to Holland in
• 1933

Qno24 :- The migration of family is due to
• Hitler’s Anti-jewish laws

Qno25 :- What are the Anti-Jewish orders
• Wearing a yellow star 
• Banned from trans (public transports)
• Not to visit theaters
• Forbidden to drive
Answer;All of these
Qno26 :- Anne has a strong loving bond with her 
• Father 

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