Study material for 11th class students check here

Study material for 11th class students check here

Hello family welcome to my blog Jk study portal.In this post i will give you mcqs of English,Math,chemsisty for class 11th .If you want to download full pdf you have to go down and you will get these pdf files and you can download them.


Qno1 :- The auther’s grandmother was a religion lady comment 

Qno2 :- Relationship between the auther and her grandmother

Qno3 :- What difference did you notice between the reaction of the adults and the children when 

faced with danger 

Qno4 :- Optimism – courage and determination take us through in state of danger and stress comment

Qno5 :- King Tut’s body has been subjected to repeated scrutiny . discuss

Qno6 :- Scientific intervention is necessary to unearth buried mistries 

Qno7:- Why is the image of the engine evoked by the poet?

Qno8 :- Relationship between goldfinch and laburruim tree

Qno9 :- Concept of Sharisheri 

Qno10 :- Chinese view of art and European view of art 

Qno11 :- Outsider art and raw art 

Qno12 :- How are the earths principle biological system being depleted ?

Qno13 :- Catastrophy theory and Implication of quantum theory 

Qno14 :- Experience of Aram and Mourad with the white horse

Qno15:- Why did the narrator of the story want to forget address

Qno16 :- Human predicament in the story “the address”

Qno17 :- When did Ranga plan to marry and why

Qno18 :- Comment on the schooling of Einestein

Qno19 :- Character sketch of Mrs Fitzgerald and Mrs Pearsen 

Qno20 :- The lesson birth is all about medical ethics discuss


Qno1 :- Gas laws boyles law and Charles law and ideal gas equation, numiricals as

Qno2:- Vanderwaal equation, compressibility factor

Qno3 :- First law of thermodynamics and mathematical form

Qno4 :- Heat capacity. Enthalpy of neutralization .Gibbs free energy and spontareity of reaction 

Qno5:- Discuss le –chattiers principle. Equilibrium constant, relationship between KP and kc

Qno6 :- Entropy and third law of thermodynamics

Qno7:- Acid – base conceot and ph – scale 

Qno8:- Numericals on PH, Buffer, solubility product

Qno9:- What is induction effect and discuss its application 

Qno10:- Resonance effect and hyperconjugation

Qno11:- Crystallization, Chromatography , Isomerism and its types 

Qno12:- Preparation of alkens , Wurtz rxn, Ozonolysis

Qno13:- Markovnikov’s rule and anti – markonikov’s rule

Qno14:- Electrophillic substution reaction of benzene and its mechanism (Freidal crafts rxn)

Qno15:- Ortho and para – directing effect of substuents

Qno16:- Global warming

Qno17:- What is green chemistry

Qno18:- B.O.D

Qno19:- Photochemical smog. Acid rain

Qno20:- Caebocations and the stability of carbocations 

Qno21:- Calculation of oxidation number

Qno22:- Disproportionation reaction

Qno23:- Preparation and properties of DI – Hydrogen. H2 O2




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