Political Science 3rd Sem Previous Year Question Paper – Kashmir University

Political Science 3rd Sem Previous Year Question Paper – Kashmir University

Political science

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Download BG 3rd Sem Political Science Previous Year Question Paper Kashmir University in pdf. The paper is consisting 90 marks. However, this is old pattern and the new that is, the latest paper pattern will only consists 60 marks having remaining 30 marks for internal assignment scheme.


Paper Pattern (Old caring 90 marks)

SECTION-A: (Marks= 32)

(short Answer Type Questions)

I. Describe in short the difference between Comparative Politics and Comparative Government.

II. What do you know about the “Cultural Revolution”  in China?
Ill. Briefly describe “Checks and Balancesitem in USA.
lV. What is the purpose of Bicameral legislature?
V. What is “First Past the Post System of representation?
vi. Difference between Political and Pressure Group?
vii. What are the basic element Human Security?
vill. Write a short note on State actors? Give examples.

Section-B: (Marks= 32)
Medium Answer Type Questions

2. Explain David Easton Behavioural approach to the study of Comparative Politics.
What is democracy Explain its various characteristics?
3. Illustrate the powers and functions of the Prime Minister of Great Britain.
Discuss the federal features of Canadian Constitution.
4. Compare and contrast the first past post system with “Proportional Representation”.
What is Multi-Party system? Why has India adopted Multi-Party system?
5. Globalization? How has globalization affected the developing world?
Examine initiatives taken by United Nations towards the goal of Human Security.
Section C. ( Marks = 26)
Long Answer Type Questions

6. How nature and scope of comparative politics has evolved in response the changing socio-political concerns over different historical periods?
7. What makes China a unitary state? Discuss.
8. Evaluate the merits and demerits of various party system.
9. What is human security? What are its different challenges faced by human?


Subject: Political Science
Semester: 3rd Sem
Type: Previous Year Question Paper
Organization: University Of Kashmir
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