Objectives of seed technology for BG 6th semester students

Objectives of seed technology for BG 6th semester students

These are some objectives of seed technology for ug 6th semester.This will help you in the exam .

Qno1:- In fungus the detection  in seeds is used by which  method of ? 

Ans:- Blotter test

Qno2:- Storage of fungi is called as? 

Ans:- Aspergillus

Qno3:- The instrument by which soil moisture is measured? 

Ans:- Tensiometer

Qno4:- The water which is most useful to plants is? 

Ans:- Capillary  water

Qno5:- The water which is available lies between the pressure of ? 

Ans:- 38-15 bar

Qno6:- In soil the vertical movement of water is called as? 

Ans:- Percolation

Qno7:- After flowering how many days maize matures ? 

Ans:- 32-35 

Qno8:- Where are the highest open wells found in? 

Ans:- Utterpradesh

Qno9:- Give me an example of obligate weed is? 

Ans:- loranthus

Qno10:- A weed is present in both wild and cultivated habitats is ? 

Ans:- Chenopodiul

Qno11:- In seeds A test is used for detection of fungus is ? 

Ans:-  Blotter test

Qno12:- In WTO how many members are present? 

Ans:- 160

Qno13:- Kashmir is famous  in seed production of  for their excellent in seeds?

Ans:- vegetables? 

Qno14:- The vertical section of soil which shows horizons known as?

Ans:- Soil profile

Qno15:- When soil has high Ph are generally deficient in?

Ans:- Zn and Mg

Qno16:- In irrigation major source in India is?

Ans:- Wells

Qno17:- For bee culture which is the best suitable species?

Ans:- Apis indica

Qno18:- In orchards which irrigation method is used 

Ans:- Ring basin method

Qno19:- The loan taken for purchasing of seeds and fertilizers is called?

Ans:- Short term loan 

Qno20:- What does extension demand means

Ans:- It means change in price due to demand

Qno21:- When irrigation comes from higher gradient and spreads slowly all over the cropped areas called as?

Ans:- Flooding

Qno21:-  Highest irrigated state in India are?

Ans:- Punjab


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