MCQs Of International Bussiness For BG 6th Semester Students

 MCQs Of International Bussiness For BG 6th Semester Students

MCQs Of International Bussiness For BG 6th Semester Students

Qno1:- Macro environment is also termed as

Ans:- General environment 

Qno3:- Another name for Remote environment is.

Ans:- Macro environment

Qno4:- which environment covers those factors which give shape and form to become to the departement of economic activities.

Ans:- Economic

Qno5:-  A stable, honest and efficient political system is a primary factor for the growth of which enviornment

Ans:- Business 

Qno6:- When the rate of change in is insignificant, it is called as.

Ans:- Stable

Qno7:- When some sudden and unpredictable changes take place in the organisation is termed as.

Ans:- Turbulent environment

Qno8:- If we talk of China it is the biggest example 

Ans:- Socialism

Qno9:- What is the term  relates to patent, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

Ans:- Intellectual property right

Qno10:- What is International convention for the protection of  industrial property.

Ans:- Paris Union 

Qno11:- ___means that if an investor registers a patent in one member country, he can file an application for registration in other member countries within one year from the date of filing return.

Ans:- Priority Right 

Qno12:- The international registration of Trade Marks aims at the international registration what is that.

Ans:- The Madrid Agreement

Qno13:- where is International Bureau of World Intellectual Property.

Ans:- Geneva

Qno14:- The term FERA was replaced by which term.

Ans:- FEMA 

Qno15:- WTO was setup in which year

Ans:- 1994

Qno16:- The agreement was set up for patent protection for which years.

Ans:- 20 years

Qno17:- Plurilateral Trade Agreement was done at Geneva in which year.

Ans:- April 1979

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