KU_ Study Material (Notes) of GENERAL ENGLISH for BG 5th Semester, download here

KU_ Study Material (Notes) of GENERAL ENGLISH for BG 5th Semester, download here


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KU_ Study Material (Notes) of GENERAL ENGLISH for BG 5th Semester, download here.

INTRODUCTION The play ‗Mother‘s Day‘ written by J.B. Priestley is a hilarious drawing room comedy which reveals the practical experience and status of Annie Pearson, a devoted wife and doting mother, whose efforts are ignored by her family.

THEME This humorous play portrays the status of a woman in her household. The playwright brings out the plight of a wife, who is also a mother, very realistically in the play. Mrs. Annie Pearson is not treated well by her husband and children. With the help of her neighbour Mrs. Fitzgerald‘s magic spell which temporarily allows both the women to interchange their personalities, she stands up for her rights. Mrs. Annie Pearson‘s family is shocked at the change, but they learn to behave properly with her so that she gets the respect that she deserves.


Mrs. Fitzgerald: Mrs. Fitzgerald is Mrs. Pearson‘s neighbour. She is quite strong-willed, experienced and a smart woman. She knows magic which she has learned from the east and has a strong and sinister personality. She is heavy, has a deep voice and speaks in Irish accent. She is liberated, strong, dominant and bold. She also smokes and plays cards. Mrs. Fitzgerald is a domineering lady who believes in equal status of a mother in a family. She is very angry to hear about the way Mrs. Pearson’s family treats her and decides to put an end to it. She convinces Mrs. Pearson to exchange their personalities, so that she can discipline the latter‘s family members in the person of Mrs. Pearson. She is able to handle Doris, Cyril and George quite intelligently and can be called a well meaning tyrant.

Annie Pearson: Mrs. Pearson appears to be a meek, timid, confused and nervous type of woman in her forties. She is a devoted wife and a doting mother whose unconditional but excessive love and care has spoilt her husband and two children. She is ignored and made to work throughout the day. In spite of the ill treatment, neglect and exploitation by her family members, she loves them all. Although she feels sad about the neglect and ill treatment that she suffers, she endures everything uncomplainingly. We feel sympathetic towards her and wish her to be a little more assertive. However, she undergoes transformation in her personality with Mrs. Fitzgerald‘s help and becomes more assertive towards the end of the play.

Doris Pearson: Doris Pearson is Mrs. Annie Pearson‘s pretty daughter in her early twenties. She looks pleasant but is rude and spoilt. She makes her mother run after her all the time and gives orders to her as if her mother is the servant of the house. Rather than helping her mother in the household work, Doris asks her to iron her yellow silk dress. She expects tea to be served to her

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