Kashmir university will issue advance datesheets for various UG programmes

Kashmir university will issue advance datesheets for various UG programmes

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In view of disruptions caused by the Covid19 pandemic to the examination and academic calendars, the Office of Controller of Examinations, University of Kashmir, has decided to issue advance date-sheets henceforth for various Undergraduate Programmes being offered at the University’s affiliated colleges. This new initiative has been conceived to meet the following objectives in the larger interest of securing the students academic prospects:

1.To bring the examination calendar back on track in the minimum possible time, and ensure timely completion of UG programmes and consequent award of degrees to the students without any delays;

To prepare various stakeholders, including teachers, students etc. to fix time-lines at the start of each semester for holding the respective examinations after due completion of courses;

To ensure that teachers and students both remain updated from day-one regarding the said timc-lincs for various examinations;

To enable college administrations to frame their academic calendars In line with these objectives for timely completion of various courses

In light of the above, with the larger goal of securing the current and future academic prospects of our valued student community, an active cooperation of various stakeholders, especially the college administrators, is hereby sought to realize the above-cited objectives, which shall also help in aligning our system with the objectives enlisted in the new National Education Policy-2020.

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