JKSSB Important VLW Forest Guard and other important Exams important study materials/ Questions part 1

JKSSB Important VLW Forest Guard and other important Exams important study materials/ Questions part 1




JKSSB Important VLW Forest Guard and other important Exam complete study materials

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· Chenab is the mightiest river of J&K.
· Maha Padma I the ancient name of Wular Lake.
· Wular Lake provides water to Jhelum River.
· Wular Lake is largest fresh water lake in India.
· Sheshnag Lake is in Anantnag.
· Konsarnag Lake is situated between the peaks of Pir Panjal range.
· Gangabal Lake is on the North-East of Harmukh Mountain.
· Dal Lake which is to the East of Srignar known as Jewel in the crown of Kashmir.
· Chenab is the Himalayan contour of Lahaul and Spiti.
· Chenab is the result of confluence of Chandra and Bhaga.
· Marusudar River is in the lower areas of Warwan river.
· The origin of Tawi river is Kailash Kund Glacier which are in Doda district.
· The length of Ravi River is approximately 720.
· The two imp. Tributaries of Ujh are Naaz and Bhinni Nala.
· The Neelum river is also called by Kishanganga.
· Mansar Lake is located on Shiwalik.
· Anchar Lake is in Ganderbal.
· Nur canal takes its water from the River Jhelum to Wular Lake.
· On Harmukh Mountains are Shokh and Dokh related with Goddess Parvati.
· Marsar Lake flows in to Lidar River.
· Hokersar Lake is in Baramulla.
· Gangabal Lake is known as Harmukh Ganga.
· Harwan Lake is main source of water supply to Srinagar.
· Sansar Lke is on Patnitop.
· Mansar Lake is also called Mansarovar.
· Kausar nag is also called Vishnupad.
· Tarsar Lake is in Aru, Anantnag and its shape is like an Almond.
· Anchar Lake is linked with Dal Lake by Amir Khan Nullah.
· Neelnag Lake is located in Budgam.
· Liddar River is in Pahalgam Anantnag.
· Jhelum is called Veetesta in Sanskrit & Veth in Kashmiri.
· Kishanganga river is also called Neelam River.
· Manabal Lke is famous for Lotus.
· Wular Lake is largest fresh water Lake in Asia.
· On Mansar Lake lies the Sheshnag temple.
· Tulbul Navigation Project is on Wular Lake.
· Gangabal Lake is on the foot hills of Harmukh Mountain.
· Sheshnag is enroute to Amarnath Cave.
· Tawi River is also called Suryaputri.
· The origin of Chenab is Snowbed Baralacha, Pangi Valley in Chamba.
· The origin of Tawi River kali Kundi Glacer near Sewajdhar in Baaderwah.
· Kishanganga and Jehlum joins at Dome.
· Chanab is also called as Chandrbhaga.
· River Ravi is also called Iravati.

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Flora and Fauna of J&K 2

Pulp is used for manufacture of hand-made paper.

· 1.7 categories of IUCN are red listed in J&K.

· Budgam is smallest in forest cover in J&K.

· Dachigam N.P is 141 sq. km in Srinagar.

· Doda largest in forest cover in J&K.

· Gulmarg W.S. is 180 sq. km in Baramulla.

Hirpora W.S. is 341 sq. km in Shopain.

· In J&K Hangul Project was launched in 1970.

· Jasrota W.S. is 10.04 sq. km in Kathua.

· Jasrota W.S. is situated on the bank of river Ujh in J&K.

· Kazinag N.P is 89 sq. km in Baramulla.

· Kishtwar N.P is 400 sq. km in Kishtwar / Doda.

· Lachipora W.S. is 80 sq. km in Baramulla.

· Limber W.S. is 26 sq. km in Baramulla.

· Nandini W.S. is 33.34 sq. km in Jammu.

· Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on NH 1A in J&K.

· Overa Aru W.S. is 425 sq. km in Anantnag.

· Polar wood is used for match in factory.

Rajparian/Daksum is 20 sq. km in Anantnag.

· Ramnagar W.S. is 32.50 sq. km in Jammu.

· Red Data Book provides information on endangered plants and animals.

· Salim Ali N.P is 9.07 sq. km in Srinagar.

· Scientific name of Black Necked Crane is Grus Antigone.

· Scientific name of Chinar is Plantanus Orientalis.

· Scientific name of Deodar Tree is Cedrus Deodara.

· Scientific name of Hangul is Cervus Elaphus Hangulu.

· Scientific name of Himalayan Tahr is Himitragus jemlahicus.

· Scientific name of Ibex is Capra Ibex.

· Scientific name of Markhor is Capra Falconeri.

· Scientific name of Musk Deer is Moschus Chrysagaster.

Scientific name of Silver Fir is Abies Webbiana.

· Scientific name of Snow Leopord is Panthera Uncia.

· Surinsar is 97.82 in Udampur, Samba, Jammu.

· Thajiwas/Baltal is 203 sq.km in Gandrbal.

· The Sheri-i- Kashmir University of Agricultural Science was set up in 1982.

· There are five types of forests in J&K.

· Trikuta W.S. is 31.77 sq. km in Reasi.

· Walnut is used in wood carving industry.

3 Historical Facts and Figures of Jammu and Kashmir
Kashmir takes its name from a Sage.

Ø Buddhism in Kashmir was introduced by Ashoka in which century 3rd Century BCE.

Ø The word ‘Kashmir’ comes from two Sanskrit words ‘Ka’ and Shimira i.e. ‘Water and Dry up’.

In 1947, Sheikh Abdullah was declared as Emergency Administrator for J&K by Maharaja Hari Singh.

Ø Kalhana wrote ‘Rajatarangini’ means ‘River of Kings’ during 1148 to 50 A.D that records complete history of the legendary Kings of Kashmir.

Ø Hari Singh was the last Dogra ruler of Jammu and Kashmir.

Ø The earliest inhabitants of Kashmir were Nagaas and theat have men mentioned by Nilmata Purana.

Ø The first king in the history of Kashmir whose name is mentioned by Kalhana is Gonanda.

Ø Treaty of Amritsar was signed between Gulab Sing and Bristish.

Ø Karvan-e-Aman bus service was launched between Srinagar and Muzzafarabad on 7th April 2005.

Ø The Tashkent Declaration was signed in 1966 to restore normal and peaceful relations by Lal Bahadur Shastri and Ayub Khan.

Ø In 1928 the first full-fledged High court for Jammu and Kashmir was established.

Ø Frist hydroelectric projects Mohara hydroelectric project was constructed in 1905 with initial capacity of 4 MW.

Jammu was historically the seat of which Dogra dynasty.

Ø Before 1965, The head of Jammu and Kashmir was designated as the Sadar-i-Riyasat.

Ø J&K was brought on the railway of India on 15th July, 1970.

Ø Mehr Chand Mahajan was the Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir during the reign of Maharaja Hari Singh who later became the third Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India.

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Ø The JKBOSE was established in 1975.

Ø Hiuen Tsang, the prominent Chinese traveller who visited India in the 7th century CE, during the rule of Karkota.

Ø In 1939 Sheikh Abdullah, converted JK Muslim Conference JK National Conference.

Ø Praja Parishad Party was founded in 1947 by Pandit Prem Nath Dogra and Balraj Madhok .

Ø Gonanda-I is Considered to be the oldest ruler in ancient times of Jammu and Kashmir .

Ashaka is credited with building many stupas in the history of Kashmir.

Ø Jambu Lochan is believed to be the Founder of Jammu.

In 1991 censes was not conducted in J&K.

4 :First in World -2 Female/Women (World General Knowledge)

Ø First Woman P.M. of England is Margaret Thatcher
Ø First Muslim Woman P.M. of a country is Bandamaike (Sri Lanka)
Ø First Woman to climb Mount Everest is Junko Tabei (Japan)
Ø First Woman Cosmonaut of World is Velentina Tereshkova (Russia)
Ø First Woman President of U.N. is Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit.
Ø First Woman reach North Pole is Ms. Fran.
Ø First Woman to reach Antarctica is Caroline Michaelson.
Ø First Woman to reach South Pole is Liv Arenesen (Norway).
Ø First Woman to have space walk is Svetlana Yevgenyena Savitskaya.
Ø First non-white Woman to win Noble Prize in Literature is Toni Morision.

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First Woman to find asteroid is Caroline and Derschell.
Ø First Woman to swim five contents and seven imp. Seas is Bulachoudary (India)
Ø First Muslim Woman to get Noble Prize is Shirin Dbadi.
Ø First Asian Woman to cross English Channel is Aarti Saha (India)
Ø First Japanese Woman in Space is Chiaki Mukai.
Ø First Woman Cosmonaut in Space is Valentina Teresh Kova (Russia)
Ø First Woman judge of Supreme Court is Sandra Day O’Connor (USA)
Ø First Woman judge of International Court of Justices is Rosalyn Higgins (Britian)
Ø First Muslim Woman General Secretary of Amnesty International is Irine Zubedia Khan.
Ø First Youngest Woman to sail around world non-sport and alone is Kojiro Shiraishi (Japan).
Ø First Woman to cross Strait of Gibralater is Arti Pradhan (India)
Ø First Woman to climb Mount Everest twice is Santosh Yadav.
Ø First Woman Space Tourist is Anousheh Ansari (Iran).

First Woman President of a country is Isabel Martinez de Peron (Argentiana).
Ø First Woman pilot to make a Solo Flight is Elise Deroche.
Ø First Woman to pilot to circle Globe is Jerrie Mock.
Ø First Woman to win an Olympic Gold is Charlotte Cooper (England)
Ø First American Woman in Space is Sally Ride.
Ø First Woman P.M. of India is Indira Gandhi.
Ø First Woman P.M. of Pakistan is Benazir Bhutt.
Ø First Woman P.M. of Bangladesh is Khaleda Zia.
Ø First Woman Academy Award Best actress is Janet Gaynor.
Ø First Woman elected President of a Country is Isabel Martinez de Peron.
Ø First Woman Secretary of State is Madeleine Albright (USA).
Ø First Woman President of European Parliament is Simone Veil.

First Woman pilot a hot air balloon is Sophie Blanchard.
Ø First Woman to with Noble Prize is Marie Curie.
Ø First Woman to win Noble Prize in Peace is Bertha Von Suttner.
Ø First Woman to fly across the English Channel is Harriet Quimby.
Ø First Woman to walk in Space is Svetlana Savitskaya.
Ø First Woman to earn a doctorate degree is Juliana Morell.
Ø First Woman to teach at a European university is Laura Bassi.
Ø First Woman to win the Man Booker Prize is Bernice Rubens.
Ø First Woman to win an Oscar for Best Director is Kathryn Bigelow.
Ø First Woman to win Olympic Marathon Medal is Joan Benoit.
Ø First Woman to win Pulitzer Prize is Edith Wharton.

5 :First in World (Adventure)

First man in Space is Yuri Gagarin (USSR)

Ø First man to North Pole is Robert Peary (USA)

Ø First man to Mt. Everest is Edmund Hillary(New Zealand)

Ø First man to South pale is Roald Amundsen (Norway)

Ø First man to Circumnavigate or Sail world is Enrique Magellan (Malay)

Ø First man to both poles (North & South) is Albert P. Carey

First man to moon is Neil Armstrong (USA)

Ø First European to attack India is Alexander the Great.

Ø First European to reach China is Marco Polo.

Ø First Person to swim English Channel is Captain Mathew Web.

Ø First Unmanned Mission on Moon is Luna-9.

Ø First double amputee to Mt. Everest is Mark Inglis.

Ø First man to fly over both North and South Poles is Richared E- Byrd (USA).

Ø First blind man to Mt. Everest is Erik Weilhenmayer (USA).

First man to Mt. Everest twice is Nawang Gombu.

Ø First man to Mt. Everest without oxygen is Phu Dorji Sherpa.

Ø First man to fly over English Chanel is Louis Blerriot.

Ø First man to cross Sahara Desert is Dixon Denham & Hugh Clopertron.

Ø First pope to visit India is Pope Paul VI.

Ø First woman to swim across the English Channel is Gertude Ederle (USA).

Ø First person to sail around the world is Magellan.

Ø First animated colour cartoon of full feature-length is Snow White and Seven Dwarf.

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First Woman Cosmonaut in Space is Valentina Tareshkova (USSR)

Ø First Woman to climb Mt. Everest is Juno Tabei (Japan).

Ø First Woman to Climb Mt. Everest twice is Santosh Yadav.

Ø First Woman to win Oscar for Best Actress is Janet Gaynor.

6 :World GK (Frist in World-Sports)

First batsman to score three test test centaury is Mohd. Azhar Ud- Din.
Ø First Asian to win Wimbledon Trophy is Arthur Ashe (USA).
Ø First Asian city host Olympic game is Tokyo (Japan).
Ø First Asian Games held in New Delhi in 1951.

First Asian to get Finix Award is Sr. P.C. Sorcar (India).
Ø First Bowler to claim hat-trick in Successive tests is Wasim Akim.
Ø First Cricketer to have bated in all positions is Wilfred Rhodes (England)
Ø First Cricketer to hat trick in both innings of test is T.J. Mathews (Australia).
Ø First person to jump over 8m in long jump is Jesse Owens (USA).
Ø First person to run race of 10,000 m in 30 minutes is Taisto Maki (Finland).
Ø First person to run race of 5,000 m in 13 minutes is Said Aoutio (Morocco).

First person to run race of 100m in 10 Sec. is Jim Hines (USA).
Ø First person to run race of 200m in 20 Sec. is Tommie Smith (USA).
Ø First person to run race of 1600m in 4 minutes is Roger Bannister (UK)
Ø First team to win the Uber Cup is USA.
Ø First team to win the Sudirman is Indonesia.
Ø First team to win Merdeka Cup is Hong Kong.
Ø First team to win the Fed Cup is USA.

First team to win the World T20 Cricket Championship is India.
Ø First team to win the Women’s Cricket World Cup is England.
Ø First team to win Women’s Hockey Cup is West Indies.
Ø First team to win Hockey World Cup is Pakistan.
Ø First team to win FIFA World Cup is Uruguay.
Ø First team to win FIFA Women’s World Cup is USA.

7:World General Knowledge (First in World Discoveries)

First man to draw map of earth is Anexemander.

Ø First man to complete Encyclopedia is Aspheosis (Athens)

Ø First country to start plastic currency is Australia.

Ø First Spacecraft to reach on Mars is Viking-I

Ø First Atomic Energy plant is EBR (USA).

Ø First university of World is Taxila.

Ø First Space vehicle on Moon is Lunar Exploration/Eagle.

Ø First lamb created from DNA is Dolly

First heart operation by robot by Germany.

Ø First cloned animal from sheep is Dolly.

Ø First cloned human baby is Eve.

Ø First Radio Telescope Satellite in Space is in Japan.

Ø First man to make Solo Flight around the world is Vailypost.

Ø First test tube baby is Louise Joy Brown (England).

Ø First resident of International Space Station are Bill Shepard (USA), Yuri Gidzanko & Segli Krikalev (Russiaa).

Ø First person to give information about plants and their motion around the Sun is Nicolous Copernicus.

Ø Father of Economics is Adman Smith.

Ø Father of Socialism is Robert Owen.

Ø Father of Sociology is Augustus Comte.

Father of Jurisprudence is John Locke.

Ø Father of Green Revolution is Norman Borlaug.

Ø Father of Modern Tourism is Thomas Cook.

Ø Father of Nuclear Physics is Rutherford.

Ø Father of Greek Democracy is Clesthenes.

Ø Father of Psychology is Wilhelm Wudt.

Ø Father of Modern Cartoon is William Hogarth.

Ø Father of Genetics is Gregor Mendal.

Ø Father of Reformation is Martin Luther King.

Ø Father of Renaissance is Petrarch.

Father of Essay is Montaigne.

Ø Father of Co-operation is Robert Own.

Ø Father of Scientific Socialism is Karl Marx.

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