Important Questions/Guess For BG 2nd, 3rd English Check Here

Important Questions/Guess For BG 2nd, 3rd English Check Here

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Important Questions

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3rd Sem Expected Questions👇

1.Discuss Mrs Fitzgeralds role in the change that occurs in the Pearson household.

2.Comment on the ending of the play. Do you think the family has changed for good?

3.Describe the two lessons in nature that Helen learns after ‘souls awakening’.

4.How does Helen Keller struggle with her physical impairments in her Early Childhood?

2nd Sem Expected Questions👇

1.Pico Iyer offers a number of reasons for why one Travels. Sum up a few of these in your own words?

2.“Travelling allows us to come into contact with more essential parts of our self” Discuss in detail what Iyer mean by this?

3.Is Anne justified in holding mankind responsible for waging the war that brought the Holocaust in its wake? Give reasons for your answer.

4.What does Anne means by ‘paper is more patient than man’? How does this maxim justify and facilitate her writing a diary?

5.Critically comment on the title of the novel as a poignant corroboration of the treatment of Dalits at the hands of the upper castes.

6.Describe in detail those instances in the extract where Dalits are seen to be asserting their pride and dignity.

7.How does the title of the poem introduce a new vocabulary of protest?

8.Discuss the poem as an intersection of the past and present life.

9.Most readings of the poem have treated the speaker as a woman. Would you agree? Give a reasoned answer.

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